Onboard Tracker

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In 2012, Cerri, our Managing Director, worked alongside Kevin Coll, Managing Director of global tech group Solab, to launch Onboard Tracker™.   Cerri’s early involvement and understanding of Onboard Tracker™ began long before Prospect 13, so when Kevin was looking for marketing support to increase the profile of the powerful software, he knew exactly where to go! 

Our journey with Onboard Tracker™ has been marked by unwavering support and commitment to succeed.  With a special place in our heart, this is truly about trusted relationships and the deepest of connections.   

We work as one team – just as the software delivers one solution.  Both teams are united in our efforts and this extends way beyond delivering a service to shape the future of Onboard Tracker™.   Through careful strategic marketing planning sessions and working together at the Prospect 13 office on a weekly basis, you don’t get more aligned!

Together, we have created a cohesive and compelling brand narrative that resonates with the target audience. More recently, we worked with the team to build a new website to proudly showcase the powerful software and the brilliant minds behind it. 

If it is marketing and communications, we are all over it – PR, digital marketing, events, design, video production, sales and marketing tools… you name it we drive it.  The success of the Onboard Tracker™ marketing is a testament to our collaborative, trusted approach.

Together we have one simple goal in mind – to position Onboard Tracker™ as the best crew management software in the world.