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ISA is the only international school in the North-east of Scotland.  The independent school for children aged 3 to 18, is more than just a school.  It is a friendly, welcoming community, deeply committed to supporting and shaping the lives of students and preparing them to become confident, socially responsible, active global citizens.  As they prepare young minds for a complex and fast-changing world, we, as their dedicated marketing partner, play a pivotal role in helping ISA to communicate the school’s purpose and vision as well as sharing their stories, increasing their profile and strengthening their brand position. 

Elevating the ISA experience.

At the core of our collaboration with ISA lies a profound understanding that our support extends beyond tangible deliverables. We are not just their marketing arm; we are an integral part of their journey. Together, we’ve celebrated the success of a strategic 5-year marketing plan and are now actively engaged in sculpting the blueprint for the next 5 years to support their strategic direction. 

From the development of the brand narrative and enhancing the school’s visual identity to changing local perceptions through extensive media coverage, strategic advertising and digital content management to facilitating valuable relationships and event management, we’ve crafted hundreds of effective marketing activities and materials to showcase ISA’s value propositions and what makes this school so special.

Our efforts span across diverse channels, including airport billboards, livery, radio spots, and expanse of print and digital media, amplifying ISA’s visibility and reach at a local level.

Regular videography and photography sessions keep ISA’s content fresh, reflecting the dynamic nature of their educational community.   Alongside handling a multitude of press features and editorials, we spotlight ISA’s achievements, from award-winning students, to inspection successes to their annual events like the School’s Out Summer Camp.

All of these captured stories and content are spread with strategic scheduling and creative flair across their digital platforms fostering community engagement across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. 

At the heart of our support to ISA, is a trusted partnership.  Which is beyond delivering marketing support services.  The whole Prospect 13 team love working alongside this client and playing our part in shaping the minds that guide them towards continued success.

We are proud to be part of their inspirational community.