We have lift off – Prospect 13 takes part in Aberdeen City Council’s online school initiative

The Prospect 13 team was thrilled to step in front of the camera (for once) to take part in Aberdeen City Council’s (ACC) school event ‘Lift Off’.

The pandemic and on-going lockdown has restricted Aberdeen’s senior students from so much of the ‘school leaving’ process.  What is supposed to be a fun and exciting stage of their lives, turned into quite the opposite for many. From a change in how exams are sat to missing career fairs and university open days, there have been so many obstacles and hurdles along the way.

Therefore, in-order to raise awareness of the many regional opportunities available to students after school and highlight that there is ‘no right direction’ to head off in, ACC launched ‘Lift Off’.

Lift Off, was a two-day virtual event bringing together several successful companies and their teams to talk about their career paths and how they got to where they are today. Prospect 13, being a young vibrant company with different types of people and skills jumped at the opportunity to give back and help the young students.

In our video, the team speak about their personal challenges and how they have turned them into positives. Despite all being at different stages of our lives and careers, we hope at least one student can resonate with our message and realise their full potential because the sky really is the limit!

Stacey Corbett, Employer School Coordinator at DWY thanked the Prospect 13 team for taking part:

“The video is absolutely perfect and is bang on brief!  I’m so glad Becky joined in. It will really resonate with the young people when they see someone of school age talking about their challenges, and the realisation they do have skills that are worthwhile in a workplace environment. 

Also, really good to hear you and your teams’ career pathways.  So important young people realise there are always different routes into roles, and you’ve all put that across really well. Thank you so much for getting involved!”

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