Under one roof – The safe return to work integrated service

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Under one roof.

There is no doubt that the exceptional circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic have triggered a rollercoaster ride for businesses and operations. What was “normal” a few months ago is completed different to the “new normal” that’s evolved from the current climate. 

Now more than ever, employers have a duty of care to their workforce to ensure their people remain safe and protected, mentally and physically.  As we enter Phase 4 of lockdown, organisations continue to support employees working remotely as well as developing strategies to transition them back to work as businesses re-open.  

In-order to help employers support their employees Concept Promotional Merchandise and Prospect 13 have joined forces to deliver ‘Under one roof” – the safe return to work integrated service which not only re-enforces safe social distancing but also aids improved employee communication.  

The fully integrated service includes a three-step approach: 

  1. Return to work online consultation to understand specific business requirements 
  2. Strategic employee communication plan and implementation 
  3. Range of branded and customised products  
    1. Social distancing signage  
    1. Return to work essentials to ensure your returning teams feel safe in their new working environments  
    1. Home working essentials to improve and maintain team spirit for those still working remotely 
    1. Mental health and wellbeing products to encourage positivity and further support employees during these challenging times 

‘Under one roof” includes strategic recommendations, customised solutions, and design support to meet budgets large and small. 

For more information, click to download the full brochure here