The rise of TikTok and how it can be used effectively for a B2B social media strategy.

Despite being on the go across the UK since 2017, TikTok’s rise in popularity boomed in the last year or so (lockdown boredom may be responsible for this, but don’t quote us on that 😉) and just like any other social media platform, there are some common misconceptions about the communication channel.

For one, it’s often labelled as a platform for ‘Gen Z’ to create an array of dance, comedy, and lip-syncing videos. You wouldn’t be completely wrong to think that because Gen Z do make up 41% of the users.  However, where does that leave the other 59%?

If we consider Facebook as an example, the early adopters were the younger generation, but now the platform is dominated by the 25-49 age group. The same pattern can now be seen on TikTok with a huge surge in 30 and 40 somethings signing up.

Another misconception is that TikTok is only valuable to brands who are targeting ‘consumers’ (or should we say B2C) due to its ‘personable’ and ‘fun’ environment.

But that’s not the case – Can’t businesses be fun?!  B2B marketing strategies are more than welcome and can be very successful on the platform.

Let us explain…


Firstly, TikTok in brief:


Secondly, TikTok’s potential:


With so many users spending so much time on the app, the beauty of TikTok is the potential to generate brand awareness and engagement and the ability to go ‘viral’ in a short space of time.

Cross-platform promotion adds to this potential, users can come across and share videos from TikTok on other social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), which drives more users to the app and creates an even wider digital reach for your content.


So, let’s talk marketing on Tik Tok…


TikTok offers an abundance of marketing opportunities from paid advertising to organic content strategies, so you will be unsurprised to hear that some of the biggest business to consumer (B2C) brands out there have embraced TikTok and found great success.  From ASOS and Nike to Virgin Media and Mastercard, they have taken to the entertaining app in different ways showing brand personality and deep connections with  customers on an emotional level.

The key for B2C brands has been their ability to connect and engage with customers on a more personal and entertaining level. But this sense of ‘fun’ isn’t just reserved for B2C brands, it works for B2B too.


Don’t believe us?


Well, research shows that B2B marketing strategies that draw on the audiences’ emotions rather than their more rational side are 7 times more likely to deliver more bottom-line measures including sales, profit and revenue.

So, bearing that in mind, TikTok could be the ideal tool for B2B brands to boost their online business success.


But, how do B2B’s make TikTok successful?

  1. Adjust your brands voice and be creative

A corporate tone of voice has its time and place, but it isn’t on TikTok. You can remain true to your brand, but by adjusting your brand’s tone of voice and showcasing a ‘lighter’ and ‘less serious’ version will serve you well on this platform.


  1. Utilise user generated content and trending challenges

User Generated Content (UGC) is one of the best parts of TikTok from a marketing perspective. While creating your own videos is a great way to promote awareness of your brand, one up this by creating a hashtag for your customers to share their own TikTok’s about their experiences with your services or products.


  1. Share product demos and tutorials

There’s nothing more obvious than an ‘ad’ on TikTok, so stay clear of content that’s just trying to sell, sell and sell!

You can still ‘sell’ your product or service but do this through educational demonstrations or tutorials - you might find this tricky when you’re limited to sixty seconds but it’s a great way to educate potential customers on the benefit of your business.


  1. Consider putting the spotlight on yourself

This is not a specific TikTok strategy, as brands with charismatic leaders have been doing this on social media platforms with success for years, but try and establish your brand presence through a “person”. This could be the leader of the organisation or a key staff member - really anyone who is confident and can sing your companies praises.


All in all, in order to succeed, every business has to be open to new things and when it comes to TikTok it is all about experimenting, having fun and identifying what works for your brand.

So, go on, why not give it a try!

And if you need any help, give us a holler 😜


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