6 signs you are ready to outsource your marketing

Are you wondering if you should outsource your marketing?  How do you know if it is right for your business?

Marketing is one of those functions that is regarded as a luxury spend and many businesses feel like they can do it themselves and to some extent this is true.  Let’s face it, in this digital world, we can all splash a bit of social media now and again or email our client base.  But is this a good use of your time and will it really provide return for that time you have invested?

Every penny and every minute counts for every business, therefore it is extremely important that you use your time and money wisely to ensure business growth.  There are only so many hours in a day and realistically, should you really be using up your precious time dibbling and dabbling in the world of marketing?

Successful organisations tend to be the ones who focus on developing their business and when it comes to marketing, they let the experts plan and deliver targeted marketing strategies.

Here are 6 signs that you are ready to get the experts in:

  1. Scatter gun approach

You try this and that.  There is no real plan, but you give marketing stuff a good go.

An experienced marketing guru will spend time getting to know your business and help you to build a solid foundation based on a targeted marketing strategy.  This will deliver a series of results driven activities to raise your profile and generate traffic.  Until then your marketing efforts will drive little results.

  • Too many goals

You want to do everything.  You have so many ideas to achieve positive business results but are having difficulty prioritising.

An honest marketing expert will streamline your objectives and help you to establish your most pressing priorities.  This will also guide you to concentrate on those activities that will give the best results ensuring your goals are focused and tactics are put in place to achieve these realistic objectives.

  • Skill gaps and limited resource

You are spinning too many plates and have become a “Jack of all trades”.  You struggle your way through editing your website, sending out a newsletter and even create dodgy looking graphics for your social media platforms.  But how long did it take you?  This approach is robbing you of focus.

A marketing specialist can take this off your plate and help you stop doing things that are best handled by the experts.  You never know, they might even help you become the business owner again!

  • Lack of focus and strategic direction

You don’t know where to start and more importantly focus.  You could really be doing with someone to keep you on track with your marketing priorities.

Marketing professionals are great for cracking the whip and keeping you focused when you start to get over excited with new ideas.  They can nag, set deadlines and push you for the right information to stay on plan – just what you need right?

  • Not standing out in the crowd

You make the effort but still seem to blend in with the competition.  But you are better than that so what to do?

Recent marketing studies show the average person sees up to 10,000 brand message per day.  Therefore, to get your brand in front of the right person at the right time using the right communication channel is imperative to stand out in the crowd.  A marketing genius does this for a living bringing creativity, efficiency and cost effective solutions.

  • Lack of data to make informed decisions

You want to grow your business but need a deeper insight into the market.

A marketing whizz can support you with vital but time-consuming market research to take the pain away.  This will help you get to grips with your customers, industry trends, your products and services, the competition and more.

You may just find that you are now ready to meet your brand-new virtual marketing team…