The team at Prospect 13 came under the spotlight recently when they stepped in front of the camera to take part in a filming project aimed at aspiring young marketers.

In collaboration with DYW North East, the P13 team created a series of short videos offering top tips for young people seeking a career in Marketing & Communications.

Cerri McDonald, Managing Director, Prospect 13, said, “We hope our tips will help those considering a future career in marketing and communications and help them gain some perspective on whether this could be a good fit for them.”

Prospect 13 supports an evolving range of businesses across the oil and gas, education, technology, IT, professional services, automotive, financial and commercial property sectors. The company supports businesses to better manage sales and marketing activities as well as raise the profile of organisations through effective stakeholder engagement.

Thanks to its innovative, tiered subscription-based services, Prospect 13 is busy throughout the UK and also supports clients operating in Holland, Norway, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Australia.

Check out the videos below to learn more about the P13 team’s collaborative filming project with DYW:

Careers in marketing and communication with Prospect 13:

Top tips for getting into marketing & communication

Starting out in digital marketing:

Why we support young people: