Meet Louise!

work team sitting around table

We are delighted to welcome Louise Smyth to the team as our fabulous new Digital Marketing Lead.  Louise loves all things digital marketing, tech and is a super organiser.  Plus, we now have another dog mum to add to the office and we will also welcome Betty the Chihuahua to meet Ness and Bear very soon!

We look forward to having Louise here as the pinnacle of our digital team, putting creative strategies and ideas into action, as well as mentoring our wonderful Digital Marketing Enthusiasts and Graphic Design Protégé.

To find out a little more about our latest newbie, we asked Louise a few questions to get to know her better…

  1. Who is Louise?! Tell us about yourself!

I graduated in Public Relations from Robert Gordon University but have spent my career so far building my knowledge and skills in the digital marketing space – I love how the industry is always changing! I’ve recently moved back to Aberdeenshire after living in Edinburgh which is a shock to the system but the best feeling to have my friends and family close again. Minus my fascination with tech, I’m one of those annoying dog mums, obsessed with all things list related and you’ll probably find me at the coffee machine five times a day.

  • What attracted you to Prospect 13 and the position of Digital Marketing Lead?

Digital marketing has always been my forte, and truth be told I’m a bit of a nerd for it – I love when creativity meets data. As Prospect 13 delivers a unique subscription service model, I knew that the role would allow me to work with a range of diverse clients and projects whilst watching campaigns flourish over time. Paired with the enthusiasm and personality of the rest of the team, this career move was a no brainer.

  • What is number one on your bucket list for 2023?

To go on another solo trip.  I went to Ibiza by myself last year and I can hands down say that it was the best experience of my life.  Something more cultural or relaxing is on the cards for this year though…

  • What’s been your proudest achievement?

In November of last year I completed the Edinburgh 7 peaks marathon, although it was a mentally and physically challenging day, I cried with happiness by the time I reached the final peak.  Not to mention raising a huge amount for an amazing Aberdeen charity. I’m currently looking for suggestions for my next challenge – all ideas are welcome!

  • What do you do for fun?

If I’m not training for my next adrenaline challenge, I like to take the time to slow down and appreciate the calmer things in life. Yoga is my go-to.  Between yoga brunch (yes, it’s a thing) or my daily ‘Feel Better’ app, it’s the one thing that’s stayed consistent in my free time. If I’m not lying on a yoga mat, you can find me lying on the floor playing with my dog Betty, she takes up most of my attention!

  • Finally, what quote do you live and work by?

“It’s not how great you are, it’s how great you want to be”.

This quote constantly reminds me that you don’t have to be good at everything you do, it’s the effort that you put in that counts.