Meet Jacob!

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Meet Jacob Riederer!

The Prospect 13 team is thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Jacob! All the way from Toronto, Canada, Jacob holds a Dean’s Honours degree in International Business Management. His thirst for knowledge and adventure led him to Aberdeen, where he successfully completed a Master’s degree in the same field.

We asked Jacob a couple of questions to get to know him…

Who is Jacob?! Tell us about yourself!

Hi, I’m Jacob! I’m originally from Toronto, Canada, where I graduated with Dean’s Honours in International Business Management. In 2021, I jumped at the chance to move abroad to Aberdeen and undertake a Master’s degree in International Business Management, from which I recently graduated in July. I’ve always had a passion for adventure, exploration and learning, and I quickly fell in love with the city’s culture and people.

On a personal level, I’d describe myself as an extroverted “people person”. I’ll chat your ear off if you don’t stop me. Naturally, this led to a career in sales and marketing, which I was doing while completing my undergraduate program. I became interested in digital marketing during that time. The merger of creativity and data, with a personal, human focus, was an exciting prospect that I knew I wanted to explore further.

What are you most excited about coming into your new role at P13?

This one’s easy. It’s getting to hang with the office dogs, of course! All jokes aside, what I’m most excited about is the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients and projects thanks to Prospect 13’s unique subscription model. The whole process, from identifying the client’s needs, to developing creative solutions and ideas, and then seeing those ideas fully realised, implemented and succeeding is incredibly rewarding. With no two clients or projects being the same, I’m excited to apply my skills to a wide variety of challenges and opportunities.

What is number one on your bucket list for 2024?

The number one item on my 2024 bucket list is to explore more of the UK and Europe. I’ve done some backpacking throughout most of Europe over the past few years and travelling around the Balkans is next on my list.

What’s been your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement is moving abroad and building a successful life for myself here in the UK. At the time it felt quite daunting packing up my whole life into a couple of suitcases and moving across the world, especially since I didn’t know anyone here. I had to balance not only a more demanding, higher-level of education, but also adapt to a new culture, advance my career and make new friends. Thankfully, everything worked out. I’ve created a created a great life for myself in Aberdeen and now I consider it my home! The whole experience has really taught me that I have the perseverance, grit and resourcefulness to achieve any goals I set out to accomplish.

What do you do for fun?

Outside of work, you’d most likely find me out and about with friends at the pub, travelling, going on day trips throughout Scotland or exploring Aberdeen. I also have friends and family down in Manchester, so I tend to head down for a long weekend whenever I can.

Finally, what is an interesting fact about you?

A few years back I took an Ancestry test and discovered that I’m partially descended from Charlemagne, King Ferdinand II of Aragon, Queen Isabella I of Castile and a mixed bag of other Spanish and European royals. I’ve inquired about my inheritance but have yet to hear back.