Meet Boryana!

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Meet Boryana Chobanova!

Team P13 are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our growing digital team, Boryana! Having studied media for her undergraduate degree and digital marketing at masters level, she is well equipped with the skills and knowledge to shine in her new role of Digital Marketing Enthusiast. We asked Boryana some questions to get to know her a bit better…

Tell us a bit about Boryana?!

I’m a Digital Marketing masters graduate with a background in Media studies. In the past few years, I’ve been building up my experience in marketing, specialising in social media. My passions are content creation, reading, music and exercising.

I was born and raised in Bulgaria, however back in September 2017 I  moved all the way to Aberdeen to explore a new culture and to challenge myself. After being in Scotland for almost 6 years now, I’ve fallen in love with the landscapes and unique Scottish banter.

What accomplishment are you really proud of?

My biggest accomplishment is completing both my masters and undergraduate degrees with a high grade. Studying in a foreign country was a challenging task and I definitely had my ups and downs. However, the result made it all worth it – great university experience, personality growth and lots of new friends.

Do you have any hidden talents?

From the age of 7 to 14, I used to play the piano, alongside attending singing classes. To be completely honest, singing is not my greatest strength but playing the piano has always been a passion of mine. Classical music, pop or improvising, I’m happy to play.

What are you most excited about coming into your new role at

I’m excited to be part of P13 team and explore the team dynamics. I believe that my role will provide me with the opportunity to foster my skills as a marketer and will allow me to meet fantastic people and build sustainable relationships with clients. My aim is to bring a dose of creativity, positivity and laughter in the office.

What’s an interesting fact about you?

I claim to be the biggest Harry Potter fan you’ll ever meet. After reading the books when I was a child, I’ve been mesmerised with the story line, the characters and the inspirational massaging. If you’re going to a Harry Potter pub quiz, you’ll need me in your team.

What’s one thing that you want to achieve in 2023?

My biggest personal goal for 2023 is related to healthy living and exercising. I’ve been a gym fanatic for 3 years but building up my strength has always been a big challenge. This year, my aim is to become stronger, faster and better. If I’m able to do 20 pull ups by the end of year, I’ll count it as a success!