Meet Jay!

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Prospect 13 prides itself on being passionate and proud of everything it does. The people behind the scenes drive everything, so it's about time you got to know one of our newer team members a bit better.

It’s time to meet  Jay Ferguson – our Graphic Design Protégé


Tell us a bit about you?

I am currently in my 4th year of university, studying Communication Design at Gray’s School of Art (RGU). I love everything about design, and I have a passion for branding and advertising. I’m also a really geeky dude, I love playing piano, I’m obsessed with spooky things, and I’ll use any opportunity to bore you with my extensive knowledge of Doctor Who!

I usually spend all my disposable income on tickets for gigs! I love going to concerts and festivals, one that I recently attended was a Coldplay concert in Glasgow which was unbelievable.


What brought you to Prospect 13?

Having dipped my toes in as much of the industry as I could whilst at university, as well as working freelance, I wanted to finally have a solid place in the design industry whilst also being flexible with my university life. I wanted something that would allow me to grow professionally, as well as have someone as a mentor.


How would you describe your role?

My colleagues have made me feel like an important asset, which is a lovely thought when starting a new job! I have been tasked with creating graphics for print and web, as well as video and animation work – it is a very fast paced environment which lets me experience  as much as I can!

I am particularly enjoying doing video and animation work, which is something quite new to me. I have felt that I have had the opportunity to develop a bespoke animation style for our client’s social content.

Although I have experience in design, I have enjoyed learning more on the job which has helped me significantly to create higher quality content.


What’s your favourite memory with Prospect 13?

I have loved working with ISA, especially when I worked with Weronika on their ‘First Day Back to School’ video!

The filming process was really fun,  from filming the bagpiper to getting shots of the building and the students. It was cool to get creative and get some good footage which I then edited and rendered. The whole process was very enjoyable, and I hope to do more of that in my role.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

When I’m not having a laugh with my pals, or going on adventures with my girlfriend, you can find me at my piano or engulfed in YouTube videos… or binging Doctor Who!

I really enjoy going to Comic-Cons! Having the opportunity to dress up and act like an idiot (without being judged) is something I love doing, as well as meeting actors from my favourite movies.

As mentioned before, I also go to a lot of gigs and music festivals! Live music has such a different atmosphere, and I’ve always loved the escape of it.


What is something the team may not know about you?

I might not look it, but I am big heavy metal and punk music fan! I listen to the likes of Bring Me the Horizon, Royal Blood, and Muse. Having said that, my music taste is very varied, and I always love to listen to classical music and movie scores.

I also play the Piano and Ukulele, and I really like to sing!


What are your future goals with Prospect 13?

I want to gain as much experience as I can to eventually start my own business and having Cerri as a mentor will be so helpful to get there! I have been freelancing in design alongside my studies, and I have realised that being my own boss is the dream.

I also aim to get as much experience in the industry as I can – not only regarding design skills, but also my overall approach towards business, such as meeting clients or being in charge of a team!