Inspiring the Next Generation at Gray’s School of Art

RGU Gray's School of Art Visit

Cerri and Karthik Elevate the Intersection of Art and Marketing

Our Managing Director, Cerri McDonald, and Graphic Design Protégé, Karthik Sunil, recently shared their industry insights at Gray’s School of Art as part of RGU’s ‘Connect and Reflect’ week. The visit aimed to bridge the gap between artistic expression and marketing wisdom.

Cerri our driving force behind Prospect 13, not only emphasised the importance of creative expertise but also underscored the critical role of soft skills. Recognising the evolving demands of the industry, Cerri highlighted the value of passion, effective communication, and a growth mindset alongside design proficiency. The session served as a reminder that a holistic skill set is key in the competitive landscape. Aligning perfectly with our P13 mission to encourage small and medium-sized businesses to “be brave, bold, and better,” fostering growth through a holistic approach.

Shifting the focus to practical experiences, Karthik, who is a former Gray’s School of Art graduate and now current Design Protégé within our P13 team, shared his journey from academic studies to the dynamic field of creative marketing. Karthik’s narrative served not just as a personal reflection but a roadmap for budding creatives. He underscored the pivotal role of proactive networking and a commitment to continuous learning in carving a successful career path.

“Gray’s School of Art gave me the basics, but it was networking and a hunger for knowledge that opened doors in the professional world,” shared Karthik.

At Prospect 13, we’re always eager to share our expertise and contribute to the growth of the younger generation. As Cerri says, “We are 100% committed to nurturing north-east talent and improving future outlooks.” This commitment is something our Prospect 13 team takes pride in and will continue to uphold.

For more detailed information about their recent visit to Gray’s School of Art, please check out the press release here.