Five frightfully good tips for digital marketing

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Now that we all live in a digital world, it only makes sense that there has been a gradual shift to digital marketing techniques in business. When marketing your business, digital media not only spreads the word instantaneously, but spreads it on a global scale! So, why not invest your time and effort into creating a solid digital marketing plan?  Emily from our Digital Marketing Team at Prospect 13 has come up with  fivefull-proof tips (or tricks!) that can help you out!

Don’t put all your eggs (or treats) in one basket! 

Picture this…your eggs are all different social media platforms, campaigns and projects, and your basket is pressing “post” or “send”, that is a whole lot of work and brainpower all at once! Marketing methods are constantly changing and evolving, but don’t feel the pressure to rush important tasks to keep up, take your time! Putting out large numbers of posts and projects in synchronisation may cause a digital “boom”, but perhaps doing too much at once could lead to some mistakes…

Take the time and give a specific task your full effort and attention until you are happy with the result. Diverting your focus all over the place could result in lack of attention to detail. After all, your business is your baby! Care for it, nurture it, and watch it grow!

Emailing Lists! 

Don’t underestimate the power of a good emailing list! Offer freebies, host competitions, and add a “subscribe” or “signup” form to your website. It can be very simple to create your own emailing list, however, there are options to purchase one too!

This form of digital marketing is immediate and worldwide, it also often works faster than other methods as it lands straight in your audience’s inbox. Furthermore, your audience is completely targeted! Getting users to subscribe and signup enhances user experience too, as small details like remembering its their birthday or even their name will personalise the experience for them.

Know your customer! 

Knowing your customer and target audience is imperative for building good client relationships, resulting in overall business success! It is important to establish your customers wants and needs, taking these things into consideration makes your business look more appealing and will help with customer retention.

A useful tool in doing this is customer surveys and feedback forms, as you can gather valuable customer feedback and implement it into your future actions. Knowing your target market is paramount, as researching trends and consumer behaviour patterns not only allow an opportunity to predict changes in customer needs but takes into consideration what the demographic’s interests are and how you can tailor your business to their desirability.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can help with long-term brand awareness and business visibility. This is because SEO has the ability to get pages to rank higher in search engines, such as Google. Tailoring your website’s SEO with the specific keywords and phrases that reflect your business means there is a higher chance of your website getting noticed by your target audience. Ensuring your content is original and user friendly can put you in the race to get on the first page of a Google search, where 90% of traffic occurs. Moreover, using SEO boosts your credibility, if you rank high up on a search engine, it generally means you website is strong and trustworthy.


You don’t want to come across robotic to your clients and customers, personalising your brand and giving yourself a bit of realism goes a long way in the marketing world! Creating a brand identity separates you from the rest of the crowd and gives you a unique trademark. Users will also appreciate a sense of realism in terms of the content you are posting. If you are solely posting content about your business and projects only, you can often become predictable and a little clinical. Posting motivational quotes, holiday posts, support for current affairs and charities all result in giving the brand a sense of humanity, and that you are thinking about your customers and paying your respects!

This is only the basics of how you can strengthen your digital marketing, the sector is constantly evolving, and each business has their own styles and varying markets and audiences to appeal to! However, these general tricks will come in useful whatever business you may be.

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