Being marketing gurus, the Prospect 13 team know all too well the importance of meaningful core values for your business and what that says about you as a company and individuals.  Core values are the essence of your company’s identity and shows the world your beliefs, practices and principles. 

Setting expressive core values helps you to outline your distinctives which set you apart as well as shape the foundations for your company culture.  When it came to the Prospect 13 values, we dug deep to make sure they truly reflected who we are not just as a company but as people too.   For those that know us, I’m sure you will agree that we are: 

REAL – with a true sense of integrity and authenticity 

FRESH – and full of originality 

DRIVEN – to work together to ensure you win and we win 

VIVACIOUS – always professional but minus the suit 

VALUABLE – delivering more with less  

ADVENTUROUS – through creativity and an open mind


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