Cerri McDonald

Cerri McDonald
Founder & Managing Director

As a professional Marketing & Communications Specialist with 19 years working experience in fast paced positions for Oil & Gas and Information Technology companies, I believe it's time to introduce a new approach to outsourced marketing support.

Throughout my career, I have always had a passion for helping organisations get heard in busy, competitive markets. I love the sense of achievement that targeted, results driven marketing can deliver and for those that know me well, getting under the skin of a business, creating ideas and developing strategies is what I do best.

I have been supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes over the years. Now I want to focus my energies on those smaller local companies that think having a marketing specialist is out of their reach.  Because it’s not.

Prospect 13's approach is an affordable customised subscription
service and you will have the benefits of a marketing professional (me!) working closely with your team, to develop the right message, at the right time to the right audience using the right techniques.

My business model has been developed with prospects in mind.

And by prospects, I not only refer to the new prospects my services will bring you but also the prospect of improving mine and your future outlook together - Let's have a chat.